Washington USA Wrestling

2019 Fargo Final Payment


Welcome to the 2019 Fargo Final Payment Registration Session with Washington USA Wrestling!


Athletes are in alphabetical order by division.  

Please scroll down the page below to find you final Fargo balance and enter that amount in the payment box at the end of the session!

USMC Final Payment Amount

First Name Last Name Final Payment
Ofa He Lotu Tuifua $140.00
Aiden Eberlein $300.00
Austin  Patton $160.00
Braxton Mikesell $190.00
Cameron Dubose $300.00
Daniel Snediker $220.00
Donnie Krissak $220.00
Isabella Morales $350.00
Jakobie Reynolds $400.00
Jason Wilcox $200.00
John Seth $350.00
Levi Kovacs $310.00
Mireya Sanchez $350.00
Nizhoni Tallman-Olney $230.00
Phoenix Dubose $320.00
saul villa $220.00


Please direct any questions regarding final payments to:

Justin Newby

Justin Newby

Executive Director

Phone: 360-920-0383

Chad Beatty

Chad Beatty

Director of Operations

Phone: 563-299-6453